This page describes one of the possible roles for a carbon on invoices precursor, which aims to associate each product or service with its precise and truthful greenhouse gas weight (or « carbon footprint »). The list of roles is at the bottom of the page.

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All those involved in training, information (media) and reflection (think tanks) share a common difficulty when they seek to raise awareness of the climate transition : there is a lack of a simple, accurate, sincere and consensual carbon measurement tool that allows everyone to measure carbon in their « real lives ». We do have global macroeconomic indicators from the IPCC. But where is the link between these indicators and the major international initiatives (such as the European Union’s Trajectory 2050) and the decisions or strategies of each individual and each institution?
How can we be sure that this indicator is as independent, honest and scientific as possible, values that are essential for trainers and journalists alike?

The Carbon on Invoices initiative needs all the people in the media or in educational institutions who are willing to push this initiative of collective interest.