Public authorities

This page describes one of the possible roles for a carbon on invoices precursor, which aims to associate each product or service with its precise and truthful greenhouse gas weight (or « carbon footprint »). The list of roles is at the bottom of the page.

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Carbon on invoices is a private initiative, based on a climate innovation (see the mechanism) and the mobilisation of precursor actors to experiment this innovation.

Carbon on Invoices can help policy makers, in the face of the climate transition and the respect of the 2050 Trajectory, by proposing a simple, non-partisan initiative, which makes each organisation, each person an actor of the transition. A formidable accelerator of the climate transition (see why). A response that helps build general mobilisation and compromises in the collective interest (it is easier to share efforts if we know how to measure them sincerely and accurately).

This page is devoted to what could be the precursor public authorities, in France and in Europe, which would support the experiment that is about to be launched. The support of local precursor authorities is discussed on another page.