Primary carbon assessors

This page describes one of the possible roles for a carbon on invoices precursor, which aims to associate each product or service with its precise and truthful greenhouse gas weight (or « carbon footprint »). The list of roles is at the bottom of the page.

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Carbon on Invoices is the name of a climate innovation that in just a few years equips even the smallest accountable organisations with their carbon footprint and the strategic information it provides, virtually free of charge. It relies on cooperation along the production and distribution chains, on the organisation’s accountants (see the mechanism), and on what the initiative calls Primary Carbon Assessors (PCA).

The innovation assumes that all primary carbons are entered on the invoices of the producers of these primary carbons according to the latest state of science. This implies the availability of reliable and updated shared data, if possible in open source, of the technical factors of primary carbons. This would be the role of PCTs : organisations have the technical capacity and legitimacy to provide this data

The first step in a full-scale experiment with carbons on invoices is a common charter for carbon precursors on invoices. One of the tasks is to describe the role of one or more Precursors of these PCA.