This page describes one of the possible roles for a carbon on invoices precursor, which aims to associate each product or service with its precise and truthful greenhouse gas weight (or « carbon footprint »). The list of roles is at the bottom of the page.

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As a consumer, you can see through the offers.

The price of each purchase is accompanied by its carbon footprint, as are free services or public services. It is up to you to make an informed decision.

As a citizen, you can see whether large institutions are taking their share of responsibility.

Every year, large companies, banks and government agencies indicate their precise and sincere contribution to the collective trajectory of greenhouse gas reduction : it is up to you to take this into account or not.

You contribute to the climate without being told what to do.

Your bank statements confidentially give you the carbon content of each expense in euros, and the change from one year to the next, i.e. your contribution to the Trajectory.

The initiative requires efforts from most institutions, and especially from producers.

As a citizen, ask the public authorities to make carbon on invoices a priority, and for this : that the future electronic invoice includes the carbon footprint ; that imported products have their footprint ; that small producers are helped to get their footprint out.
As a consumer, as an employee, as a saver, encourage the precursors of carbon on invoices