Consulting and software publishers

This page describes one of the possible roles for a carbon on invoices precursor, which aims to associate each product or service with its precise and truthful greenhouse gas weight (or « carbon footprint »). The list of roles is at the bottom of the page.

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The climate challenge will require companies and cities to reinvent many things over the next 30 years. This is a huge opportunity for all their partners, especially their councils and the software publishers they use.

The precursor companies or cities will indeed rely on precursor councils that have mastered one or more aspects of C/f and that will enable them to implement C/f with maximum efficiency.

There are four types of service that a precursor council may or may not combine.

He masters the basic concepts of carbon accounting on invoices, knows how to check the equality between incoming and outgoing carbons and to break down the former on the latter. He presents them to his interested clients and accompanies those who are Precursors. See the page dedicated to Precursor accountants.

It tells its customers that the software is « C/f compatible », which means different things depending on the software.

    • If it handles invoices, that it is able to embed the carbon footprint of the product.
    • If it handles accounts, that it is able to double the monetary accounts with carbon accounts.
    • If it measures carbons, that the solution is able to integrate carbons from producers to progressively substitute them for averages; and that it uses open source Primary Carbon Evaluators.

It introduces its clients to the C/f approach and the possibility of being its precursor. It is able to accompany them in its implementation ; and to measure and certify measurements that are finer than those of the primary carbon evaluators.

It accompanies the diffusion of C/f in the largest populations : small companies, small local authorities, accountants…