The experience of carbon on invoices in real life


This page summarises the full-scale experiment of carbon on invoices that is being prepared. This experiment will be supported by Precursors whose roles are detailed in the pages accessible below.

The best way to improve the Carbon on invoices innovation and to progress in its deployment is to do a full-scale experiment supported by C/f Precursors.

The experiment in preparation will be based on Precursors supporting each other in their different roles. At this stage, the idea is to have a community of Precursors of which one becomes a member by signing a charter for one or more possible roles. The Charter describes what a Precursor commits to in relation to the others, role by role ; and what he can expect from the commitments of the other Precursors.

At this stage, the dynamics sought are based on the voluntary nature of the experience, the trust and reputation that the Precursors commit to.

One of the objectives of the experiment will be to clarify if, when and how to formalise the three principles on which C/f is based : the accounting rules, the coefficients of primary carbons, and the customs carbon scale.