This page describes one of the worksites to develop Carbon on Invoices and to associate to each product or service its precise and sincere weight in greenhouse gases (or « carbon footprint »). The list of worksites is at the bottom of the page.

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Worksite objective : To enable the utility to participate in the carbon on invoice experiment as early as possible.

Electricity producers are not primary producers of primary carbons. They receive from their suppliers primary carbons (coal, wood, oil, gas…) which will have associated their footprint (see Primary carbons).

The importance of electricity justifies a specific analysis and that the primary carbons integrated in a kwh are integrated into the experiment : therefore that one or more actors (producers, distributors?) are Precursors, with the objective of the most accurate calculations possible integrating in any case the primary carbons of the suppliers of the producers of the service. Hence this project.

Before associating a carbon weight to the electricity service, we must agree on this service. Is it a different service for each producer, or should we consider that all kilowatt-hours consumed in France have the same carbon footprint?
The arguments seem to favour the second approach : the network is interconnected, kilowatt-hours are fungible, the approach is simple, and it aligns the objectives. But it clashes with certain marketing approaches based on the idea that some kwh are greener than others.
Are we considering distinguishing the carbon load according to when the electricity is consumed? These calculations are already made by Enedis and they are the closest to reality : giving up consumption does not have the same impact on the collective footprint depending on the time of day and the day, and this is also true in terms of investment, since it is peak consumption that requires additional investment.