Fair environmental competition brings freedom to reconcile our values and continuous improvements in environmental performance

Environmental competition is triggered as soon as we can compare the environmental performance of two products, two projects, two investments…

If we know the carbon weight of products (what their manufacture costs in carbon to the environment) :

– Environmental competition is pushing weights down

– Decarbonation is a continuous process that nobody has to go through.


Environmental competition becomes possible : the Environmental Accounting Measure (EAM) gives the company its essential environmental performance :

-The carbon weight of its products guides it (and its customers) towards environmentally efficient products.

Its annual contribution to national decarbonation guides it (and its shareholders and bankers) towards environmentally efficient investments.

EAM is simple and reliable, and can therefore be applied across the board.

Do you want to do more?

The task of deploying the environmental performance of companies and banks is immense. And the environmental performance of local authorities, private individuals and the living environment has yet to be finalised. It also remains to be seen how this enlarged economic performance can be transposed to the social sphere.